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I've been using Apto for over a year now and I really like the flexibility and how it works for specific business processes; which the Apto support team has been incredibly helpful with.

The business development console is a great feature that we use to organize our prospect and task lists. From one screen you can access previous notes, input new information, schedule follow-up tasks, and move to the next call. Apto integrates with our VOIP phone system, so coupling the features of the business development console with the VOIP “click-to-call” functionality drastically simplifies prospecting by phone. 

Apto allows me to organize and understand portfolios in a manner not available in the other CRMs we considered.

With Apto everything is tied together; an owner can be tied to multiple properties in various capacities. Business owners with multiple locations may own several properties but also lease several others. Apto allows me to organize and understand portfolios in a manner not available in the other CRMs we considered. All the relevant contact info, activity records, property data, and documents are tied together between the properties, owners, and tenants. When it’s time to create offers, the addition of available apps for document creation cut down on time and errors as we work through the transaction process.

On the back-end of the transactions we use Apto to book every deal, scrub the data, and save each comp. This allows us to build a more accurate and robust database, as well as utilize the workflow rules to automate reminders in advance of every lease expiration. Five years ago, being this kind of organized required a dedicated staff.


Justin Tunnell

Senior Director

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